Showpony // 3 Tone Pastel

Lo show pony è un po 'snob quando si tratta di attività fisica, e preferisce invece appendere un bordo piscina o in spiaggia a bere il rosato e apparire favoloso.

Inoltre sembra folle con hotpants.


I nostri pezzi unici hanno dimensioni reali, ma sentiti liberi di salire o scendere di una dimensione a seconda della copertura desiderata. 

Cristina indossa una taglia 1

Fatto a mano con cura in Italia <3

Size Guide

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Sizing & Fit


Our bikinis run true to size, however, the do give a little less coverage than average, so bare in mind that if you're not ready for a proper Brazilian experience, you may want to go up a size.

Closed sides styles like The Scrunchie, The This Scrunchie and The Transformer are specifically developed to NOT give you a muffin top, so if you go for your usual size you may reveal a little bit more tooshie, but we assure you the elastics on your sides won't dig in.


Our swimsuits have a sort of 'Spanx' effect: they hold everything in the right place, show your best assets and hide anything you may not want to flaunt... We like our swimsuits to be comfortable, so if you are slightly taller than average, we recommend going up a size (no one likes a wedgie...)


SIZE 1 = S / US 4-6 / UK 6-8 / IT 40

SIZE 2 = M / US 6-8 / UK 8-10 / IT 42

SIZE 3 = L / US 8-10 / UK 10-12 / IT 44