The story behind your favorite swimwear and the team that brings it to life.


After stints in business development for luxury brands like Giambattista Valli and Charlotte Olympia, Guia Cleps took a detour into tech before being yanked back into the fashion fray to rescue a floundering evening bag brand.

It didn't last long—she was fired. But from the depths of her despair emerged a plan. Armed with $10,000 in savings, frequent flier miles, and fluency in Portuguese, Guia set off for Rio, wondering if she could flip the script—and turn her love for teeny tiny Brazilian bikinis into a real biz.

While in Rio, Guia spotted a girl on the beach who had tied her bikini bottoms with a scrunchie, and it sparked an idea: Her first bikini would be called Scrunchie, featuring ultra-flattering, ruched sides that would hug a woman’s curves without digging into her skin. And just like that, Reina Olga—named after her grandmothers, as an ode to their love of leopard print—was born.

Her first Reina Olga sale happened a mere six weeks to the day she was fired—validation that she was onto something good. Guia moved production from Rio to her home in Italy, and as they say, the rest is history.

For over a decade, Reina Olga has been crafted inside Milan's most prestigious, woman-owned swimwear and lingerie atelier. Guia is endlessly inspired by the atelier’s incredible team of women, all of whom do their jobs with passion, skill, and attention to detail. Today this relationship has grown to feel like family, united by a shared love for originality and a commitment to quality, fit, and craftsmanship.

I want to express my immense gratitude to the women who work in our atelier—first, for believing in me and in the incredibly small project that it was in the beginning, and second, for still being here today on this crazy ride with me. 

I love you,


We want people to have fun, be wild, spontaneous, and romantic—and not take fashion too seriously. After all, swimwear is your partner in crime for summer days and nights, living your best life. “I was bored of working for serious, snobby brands and wanted to do something that had a playful tone of voice, that made the customer feel like they were a part of our family, rather than feeling intimidated,” says Guia.


Only the best. Handcrafted in Italy by skilled seamstresses, Reina Olga suits are crafted from the finest materials with meticulous attention to detail and fit. Our bikinis are made to last—fact. Every color is hand-dyed to meet our standards, all prints are designed in-house (never purchased off the shelf), and we would rather cut our margins than compromise on quality. Despite rising production costs, we have only raised our prices once in the last four years. 


Made of Italy, made in Italy—always. Inspired by ’80s coastal glamour, Reina Olga brings the best of Italian craftsmanship and style to your beach wardrobe. We are proud to share our Milan-based, woman-owned atelier with some of the biggest luxury brands in the world.


We do our best to keep our mileage low—our atelier is walking distance to our warehouse, and most of our suppliers are a short drive away. Since 2017, our packaging is fully compostable. Since 2018, 70% of our products are crafted from recycled fabrics, and we’re working hard to make it 100%. We are committed to delivering meaningful progress here to help create a more sustainable future.


Reina Olga isn’t just a company, it's a family—small but growing!—full of passionate, driven, talented people. We do our best to cultivate a work environment that fosters creativity, growth, and happiness.


Our commitment to made-to-order manufacturing reduces deadstock and waste. We embrace a short supply chain, with our suppliers and our atelier in close proximity.



Partners in life, in crime, and in business.

When Eu isn't busy managing all the complicated money stuff, you'll catch him windsurfing, hanging out with his family, and riding his motorbike. Guia, meanwhile, is our creative mastermind—and an uncompromising perfectionist when it comes to fit, making sure each bikini looks impeccable on everyone. She loves getting into mischief with her beloved family, playing tennis, the mountains, and Lychees.


La Noneta joined the family last year for the opening of our flagship store in Sardegna. Her position has grown substantially since joining, mostly because she's awesome, but also because she's a nerd in disguise and speaks Eu's language. She's a total badass and lovesthe outdoors. Windsurfing, hiking and alpine touring are just a few of this busy bee's passions.


La Suze has a dancing addiction that is only rivaled by his love for belting out tunes—karaoke nights are his jam. By day, he’s Reina Olga’s e-commerce maestro, navigating the digital realm with the finesse of a seasoned nerd. Whether he’s grooving on the dancefloor or optimizing our online shopping experience, you can bet he’s doing it all with a sprinkle of charm and enthusiasm.


Meet Matilde, the creative, behind-the-scenes wizard who doubles as our graphic designer at Reina Olga. When she's not busy designing our brand visuals, you'll find her exploring vintage markets and antiquarian bookstores, soaking up inspiration from the wonders of the past. Matilde's love for design extends beyond her workday—she's also the proud plant parent of a vibrant, jungle-like home office!


Daniele is the most patient dad on the planet; he listens to all your requests, helps with your fantastic outfits, and rarely says no. For him, customers are like an extended family to cherish with care. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, basking in the affection of his three lovely daughters, and binge-watching TV series. He's a fan of the '80s, Noir books and he's a songwriter.