Isotta  got good grades in school, did everything she was supposed to, got a super cool job in fashion. Until she quit, got on a train in Russia for 10,000km with a backpack. She is currently in Geneva, working in philanthropy and trying to create something with a positive social impact out of her running addiction.  

Guia  was terrible in school. Not just regular bad in school – but changed 6 highschools in 5 years bad in school.  But she likes to think of herself as being street smart. And a bit creative (probably due to the fact she is left-handed… and dyslexic). Through her voracious hunger to learn and no-fear attitude, combined with charming ways with people, she became commercial director for a French haute-couture label at a head-spinningly young age, amongst other things.

The sisters lived in London together for 2 years, and then left the Big Smoke to follow their dreams. Nevertheless, now joined at hip, they make a point of meeting as much as possible, most of the time ending up sitting for hours at the Hotel Regina Olga in Cernobbio, drinking lots of coffee, chain-smoking, and brainstorming. Different but totally complementary, Isotta and Guia had dreamt of working together for a long time.
They came up with all sorts of business ideas over the years, from high end catering to candles, art on underwear and everything in between, but at some point in April 2014 they felt they finally had a breakthrough. With a shared love for teeny tiny Brazilian bikinis, Guia’s craving for professional independence to apply her acquired knowledge of the fashion consumer market to something of her own, and Isotta’s wavering nostalgia of the fashion world, and longtime dream of following through a project with Guia, Reina Olga was born. 


Sizing & Fit


Our bikinis run true to size, however, the do give a little less coverage than average, so bare in mind that if you're not ready for a proper Brazilian experience, you may want to go up a size.

Closed sides styles like The Scrunchie, The This Scrunchie and The Transformer are specifically developed to NOT give you a muffin top, so if you go for your usual size you may reveal a little bit more tooshie, but we assure you the elastics on your sides won't dig in.


Our swimsuits have a sort of 'Spanx' effect: they hold everything in the right place, show your best assets and hide anything you may not want to flaunt... We like our swimsuits to be comfortable, so if you are slightly taller than average, we recommend going up a size (no one likes a wedgie...)


SIZE 1 = S / US 4-6 / UK 6-8 / IT 40

SIZE 2 = M / US 6-8 / UK 8-10 / IT 42

SIZE 3 = L / US 8-10 / UK 10-12 / IT 44